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Traffic Management

An evaluation of the technical and operational parameters suggests that the company basket of technologies will help ease congestion and reduce pollution levels to the public at large due to better utilization of available space. In fact, it would provide the best alternative when compared to other systems in taking care of traffic management in busy metro business districts. This has been proven in other countries and as such offers a technically feasible solution to the present day problems. The flexibility of this system augurs well for its expanded use in the future and the introduction of this system could be the harbinger of smooth flow of the ever-increasing traffic.


People do not enter the parking area, but leave the car in the lift lobby, which is mechanically locked before entry and after the driver exits the lobby.

The results are:

  • No danger of theft or possessions from inside of the car.
  • No danger of violence or robbery to the driver.
  • No danger of the car being hit by a driver or other party, like banging into columns, walls or other cars.
  • No danger of air pollution.
  • No danger of damage to people in the event of a fire, act of nature, etc.

Other Advantages

  • The ecological advantage, as the cars do not travel in either of our systems.
  • The fact that it can be dismantled and moved to alternate locations.
  • Car delivery time is far faster than other systems.
  • Zero Accidents.
  • No waste of time when you park your car – no need to drive up ramps and look for an open space.
  • Absolute security – no one has access to the car whilst it is parked.